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Expand your horizon! THE Prisma LT is an all-mountain freeride board that can do it all. Lively and with lots of rebound, THE Prisma LT is a powerful and stable board that plows like a tank. THE Prisma LT is playfull, easy to steer and holds loads of grip. Jumping out of a helicopter and flying down the mountain with ease? No problem, this board got your back. All jokes aside, with THE Prisma you get to enjoy a smooth, stable, and super-fast ride anywhere on the mountain.

Color : dusk grey
Size : 156
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Why THE Prisma LT is for you

THE Prisma LT is an all-mountain snowboard with a dash of freeride. Perfect for everyone that wants to explore the entire mountain, including off-piste, backcountry, sidecountry, the great wide open, the white jungle (ok, we made that last one up). THE Prisma LT is a board for all levels.

Let’s get technical 

Triax Fiberglass has 3 layers, this makes the board more energetic and delivers maximum power transfer to the edges.

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A dose of carbon that adds stiffness, liveliness, and more powerful rebound. 

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The center of a board with a mix of different (performance) zones made from FSC bamboo, beech and paulownia.

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Pow Savers are extra inserts to set your bindings back and to transform your board into a powder board. 

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Biax Fiberglass is providing longitudinal stiffness with torsional forgiveness, for a stable and smooth feeling and easy turning.

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The finished product is a superstrong, lightweight, and porous base. The porousness holds wax better and longer. Carbon and graphite additives make this base super-fast gliding too.

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THE Tech highlights

Edge Lift Technology

Edge Lift Technology

Our boards are 3D pressed with a subtle lift (max. 1.5mm) of the base and edges at the corners. This raises the contact-points just off the snow. With THE Edge Lift Technology, you’re less likely to catch edges when riding. This makes it easier to make turns with more natural turn initiation and exit, you’ll have a smoother ride, more fun to learn new tricks, and it provides extra floatation in the powder.

Multi-Grip Technology

Multi-Grip Technology

Multi-Grip technology means extra contact points on the heel- and toe sides for extra grip in icy conditions. Think of it as snow-chains on your car tires. But Multi-grip technology is extremely subtle at just under 1mm bumps on the edges underneath your binding areas. It’s almost invisible to the naked eye and unnoticeable in softer snow, but it results in smooth rides with extra grip in harder snow.

THE Shape

Looking sideways: Pow Cam. THE Prisma LT has camber between the bindings for stability and pop, a longer rocker nose for float and easy turn initiation and shorter rocker in the tail for energetic turn release.. This profile gives THE Prisma LT its all mountain versatility, excelling on steep and fast groomers and adventurous powder lines.

Looking down: Directional. The nose is longer and wider than the tail, for stability on higher speeds and for an easy float in powder snow. The stance is set a little to the back, which makes THE Prisma LT a very energetic turning and powder machine that is fun to ride at any speed and in any condition.

Info chart

THE Prisma LT 156 160 164
Total length (mm) 1560 1600 1640
Waist width (mm) 254 257 270
Shoesize min/max US Women 7 – 11,5 7 – 13,5 9 – 14,5
Shoesize min/max US Men 5,5 – 10,5 5,5 – 12,5 7 – 13,5
Shoesize min/max EU 38 – 44 38 – 46 40 – 48
Shoesize mix/max MONDO (cm) 24 – 28,5 24 – 30,5 25,5 – 31,5
Recommended weight (lbs) 130 – 190 140 – 200 160 – 210+
Recommended weight (kg) 59 – 86 64 – 91 73 – 95+
Effective edge (mm) 1170 1200 1230
Reference stance (mm) 560 570 575
Setback (mm) 25 25 25
Sidecut radius (m) 7,5 7,6 7,8
Tip length (mm) 215 220 225
Tail length (mm) 175 180 185
Tip width (mm) 301 304 320
Tail width (mm) 292 295 311
Flex 7 7 7
*based on average, this can vary by type, brand or model

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