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Choose your fun! Our snowboards are suitable for everyone, no matter your style and/or level of snowboarding.

Each board is mostly all-mountain with little differences lying in having a dash of freeride, freestyle, or carving. But effectively you can do anything with any snowboard!

THE Boards Story

“All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun”. You recognize this? If not the song, then definitely the words. Everybody wants to have fun. When the working day is done, on the weekends, during holidays, anytime.

Going on trips and having amazing experiences, that’s what THE Boards Company is all about. It brings you Technical, High-end and Energetic snowboards to go and have fun with!

We designed the shapes of our snowboards for speed, agility and/or flexibility. Also, the materials used in our boards hold on to the energy you put in while using them. So when you’re on the snow, your board gives the energy stored back in doses for optimal control, grip, and a smooth ride.